Katie & Tony – Engaged In Chicago

Katie & Tony met like many young people do… at college while taking a tour of the campus. Listening to them tell the story, or rather, listening to Katie tell the story in her vivacious animated style while Tony kind of looked at her with this half smile out of the corner of his eye, it was easy to see that it was just love, and it was real, and it was most definitely forever. Their wedding will take place on the most auspiciously lucky day of 2018, 8.18.18 and I can not imagine a wedding I am looking forward to more than theirs. Their engagement session was full of laughs, side-eye, romantic light, adoring glances, and the silly abandon that comes with two people place their trust in me to create amazing art out of their love story. <3 Cheers to you both as you are most definitely lucky in love, and if this day is any indication of how amazing your wedding day is going to be, I have no doubt you will be lucky in your marriage for all of the days of your lives as well.


~With Love, Genevieve

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