Since I travel back and forth between Chicago and Northern California on a regular basis to do events, sometimes my initial meeting with someone is over the phone, and in the case of Molly and Tarun, I knew from the first 30 seconds of our conversation that not only did I REALLY want them to choose me as their photographer, but I wanted to be friends with them too! Fast forward a year and 2 months, and I am at their wedding, feeling the same way I did on that first phone call. The forecast called for rain which of course isn’t something a couple wants to hear for their wedding day, neither is “you have strep throat” which Tarun had the week before the event… but they just took it in stride and were like ok, I’ll get some rest and we’ll order umbrellas!

The day couldn’t have gone any more beautifully and despite traveling from the suburbs, to downtown Chicago for the ceremony, and back again for their reception everything was easy and fun, which is what I expected from these two. We got a little respite from the rain after the ceremony to take some portraits downtown on the State St. bridge, as well as taking advantage of the insanely cool lobby of the building they live in which was not only super chic, but personal as well. There are a million little moments that made documenting this day so much fun, from the very wet Baraat where everyone danced in the rain anyway, to a special dance for Mollys parents with music sung and mastered by the bride & groom, to Tarun killing it on the mic to Mo Money Mo Problems… but in the end it was just the simple moments between two people who are genuinely in love that made it so precious.

Happy one month anniversary you two. No one deserves a life full of love and happiness more than you. <3

~ With Love, Genevieve

Ceremony Venue – Assumption Catholic Church Chicago

Reception Venue – Esplanade Lakes by Doubletree

Floral Design – Ivone at Chicago Floral Events

Dress – Allure Bridals

DJ – DJ Harsh Chicago

Cake – The Baking Institute

Second Shooter – Jose Uribe


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As I sit here in zero degree weather in Chicago this sunny January day, my thoughts were dancing around the beach at one of my favorite places in the entire world, the Sutro Baths at Lands End State Park in San Francisco CA. Splitting my time between Chicago and San Francisco definitely has its perks, but more than the beautiful weather and breathtaking scenery, I am always so lucky to meet couples like Amisha & Tyler. These two could not have been more stylish, gracious, and game for everything I asked them to do. Climb on top of an abandoned ruin… Sure! Traverse across a 5 inch ledge on the edge of the crumbling foundation… no problem! Run around in the ocean in your gorgeous red dress… Oh my gosh yes please! I dream about days like this when everything in the universe just aligns for me to create some beautiful art for some beautiful people. So happy to have been in the right place at the right time… which always seems to happen if you just let it.


~With Love, Genevieve


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So much of the work I do comes from people that I’ve never met. I get inquiries from somewhere in internet land, or once in a long while over the phone, and if the chemistry or details seem to match then we meet and potentially become something more. With a very select few as the exception, the people I photograph are not people I ever get to have close to me, and thus, there is a certain sense of safety in photographing someone who I don’t know. My amazing mentor Marc Hauser has a way of opening people up when they are in front of his lens, and it has nothing to do with perfect lighting or his professional studio, or even his celebrity, it has everything to do with Marc and how intensely vulnerable he can be in front of his subjects. Taking someones portrait is an exchange… a gift you give one another and a certain amount of trust has to exist between photographer and subject for there to be any real connection in the images. This process, sometimes requires us as photographers to be complete fools, run around like crazy people, crack dumb dad jokes, or ask hard questions to make your emotions flood to the surface so we can capture that fleeting second in something that will last forever.

Photographing another photographer is extremely difficult, and photographing another photographer that happens to be your friend is even more terrifying. Jenn is an amazingly talented woman, and an extremely beautiful woman at that. I have always envisioned photographing her in one way or another. Trust me, most photographers do this so if you are friends with one, odds are that they have pictured you as a character in a story they would like to tell at least once or twice. 🙂

Last week I finally had the absolute pleasure of getting to open myself up as both a photographer and a model with Jenn on the other side of the equation. With both of our schedules being as full as they are, taking an entire afternoon to dress ourselves up, go to some of our favorite locations and not only become vulnerable in front of one another as a subject but as a photographer as well was a treat, and a well deserved one at that. A huge part of what I do in my portraits, especially of women, is show them in a solid concrete way how the rest of the world sees them… as strong, as beautiful, as desired, as sexy, as every fantasy they’ve ever dreamed for themselves. All of these things are true about every woman, it just takes the right person to find that moment, to create that emotion, and to capture it so they can finally see for themselves that they are in fact already everything they’ve always wanted to be.

Here are just a few of round one of my shoot with Jenn. Having her trust me to take images like this is not only a huge honor, but it fills me with joy, because I think she can look at these photos and see what all of us around her already knew… they she’s a stone cold fox, and a truly beautiful person.

With Love,                 ~Genevieve

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Tonight, and for the past few months, I’ve been ever more aware of how much gratitude I have every day for every detail of my life. I live in not one, but two beautiful cities that each hold secrets and a unique specialness that I just can’t take them for granted. If you had asked me this time last year if I would be commuting back and forth from Chicago to San Francisco, in love with an amazingly kind man, getting to spend real time with my father for the first time in almost two decades, and creating an entirely new direction for my work and my life I’d have told you you were insane. I was comfortable, I was dialed into my life at the time, and I was drowning in stagnation. If I’ve learned anything over this past beautiful year of growth, it’s that that very thing never happens while you’re standing still. I had to fall, I had to struggle, I had to break out of my mold and learn to see everything clearly again as if it were all new. I also had to endure some pain to truly open my eyes and live again, and now I can’t help but relish in every delicious drop of happiness when it comes my way.

Today was happiness. I shot a beautiful strong woman in an amazing space that I can not wait to show you later, and then spent some time with friends exploring the quiet places, driving to the top of a hill to find a moon that would not show itself, and then… as soon as I had accepted that I wouldn’t get to see or photograph this rare and beautiful thing, I looked up and there it was. It was glowing red, deep sienna, moving so fast I had to catch my breath and scramble to find a place to pull over to take a quick shot… and then it was over. Fleeting. Beautiful. Mysterious….. and oh so meaningful to me at this exact moment in my life.

Thank you always… for everything. I can say nothing more heartfelt than that.


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Mark has been a good friend for over a decade, and as we’ve grown up since grad school together I’ve always been inspired by his complete ability to create exactly what he wants for himself. As an artist, I don’t think one can ever really say they’ve arrived at their destination with their work, and Mark is a perfect example. His transformation from his old projects, to consumer photographer, to one of the premiere sports photographers in the country with clients such as Lululemon and Nike (not to mention a super fit marathon enthusiast) is not only impressive but a reminder to us all to pursue our passions whatever the cost. I stopped by his home studio last week to visit, got caught up in shooting each other, and it was a great reminder to me that I also have a passion for studio photography and commercial work, and reaffirmed that I need to be doing more to make myself happy in my work, my art, and my daily life. I am so overwhelmed by the gratitude I feel for the life I get to live, the cities I split my time between, the clients who allow themselves to be vulnerable in front of my lens, and for my beautiful friends for pushing me towards my goals. Here are a few of my favorites… may they remind you all to keep pushing.

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