A Couture Baby Shower

This past Sunday I photographed the sweetest boutique baby shower for Julie at the timeless Pleasant Home Mansion in Oak Park. This pretty party was a bit of a surprise for Julie and with adorable details like this I can see why she was beaming the entire morning. Precious pink and green floral with touches of winter flowers were beautifully put together by Erica Mignogna from thebestbabycribs.com, and the perfectly girly cake celebrating the new baby girl to be, was created by Chicago cake master Elysia Root of Elysia Root Cakes. Elysia also happens to be a friend of the Mommy to be, and she and Julie’s other friends Jane and Suzanne worked together to create a lovely, classic, and entertaining celebration which kept everyone warm on a snowy winter day complete with a delicious brunch by Molly at Fig Catering. I especially loved the make your own onesie station which turned out some stellar wearable art. The diaper message center had me laughing out loud literally with one perfectly written message! It was a pleasure to capture such a charming morning and you know that any Mom who can rock a pair of Louis Vuitton’s while 7 months pregnant is going to handle motherhood with style and grace! Congratulations again Julie & Stephen! <3chicago_baby_shower_01chicago_baby_shower_02chicago_baby_shower_03chicago_baby_shower_04chicago_baby_shower_05chicago_baby_shower_06chicago_baby_shower_07chicago_baby_shower_08chicago_baby_shower_09chicago_baby_shower_10chicago_baby_shower_11chicago_baby_shower_12chicago_baby_shower_13chicago_baby_shower_14chicago_baby_shower_15chicago_baby_shower_16chicago_baby_shower_17chicago_baby_shower_18chicago_baby_shower_19chicago_baby_shower_20chicago_baby_shower_21chicago_baby_shower_22chicago_baby_shower_23

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